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Mo Yan home - Red Sorghum film shooting base
HongGaoLiang floor greet "Red Sorghum", Zhejiang TV Premiere
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he company is specializing in the production of rubber products manufacturers, products sold throughout the country, praised by users, is a car class a sentinel parts and components manufacturers. The introduction of high-tech companies, the development of new products, high density foam has developed, HNBR, epichlorohydrin rubber products, to fill the domestic blank, the hydrogenated nitrile rubber products by refrigeration accessories manufacturers highly. Quality trustworthy units and successfully passed TS16949 certification.

The company is located in the three highway Chapter town crossing, 18 kilometers from Shangyu City, and convenient transportation, welcome new and old customers to visit。

Zhangzhen Industrial Zone,Shangyu,Zhejiang Provingce,China
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